Hand 'n Foot
                           "An Exciting Family Card Game"


Welcome to the original Hand 'n Foot card game web site.

Hand 'n Foot is a medieval pursuit of Lords, Ladies, Jokers, Jesters, and Villains.  This strategic game, full of excitement and daring entertainment, is similar to Canasta and Rummy, but much more exciting!  The object of the game is to play all 22 cards in a "Hand and a Foot", 11 cards each, as quickly as possible while tormenting your opponents!

 We have plenty of our new card games in stoc
k and we usually ship the same day you place your order.  We were glad to receive all the positive feedback from those who have purchased the new Limited Addition version.  We thank you for your business and very happy to hear how much fun you are having playing our favorite card game. 

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